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Wellness from the Inside Out

Holy Fire ® ️ Reiki & Energy Healing

March 14, 2024

Hi! Let's get acquainted!

My Spiritual Name is Muktima 

My birth name is Maureen. I am the eldest of 4 daughters.

I served as a Nurse for over 45 years. I gained experience and knowledge in many different areas of Nursing…Nursing Home, Med-Surg, ICU,Home Health, Cardiology,Internal Med., Nurse Trainer for at home Coag testing.

Most of my career was in outpatient. I advocated,educated and supported patients and their families according to their needs. I was so Blessed for so many years that God chose me to care for his sick and dying.

Along the way I discovered Reiki when I was in need of Care and support following a car accident in 2005. I then did my first training in 2014. Took further training in 2017.

This coincided with me in 2014 discovering Kriya Yoga and my Spiritual Journey began.

What a ride it has been. Never in a million years would I have dreamed or planned out how my life has evolved and continues to do so.

When I felt a huge nudge from the Divine I needed to change the direction of how I was serving at the end of 2020, I made the decision along with the Divine's assistance to retire from Nursing and to be a vessel for others on their Healing and Wellness Journeys in 2021. 

I took all levels of Reiki Training again, this time with the additional Holy Fire ® ️ Energy from William Rand, online as we were still deep in COVID at the time.

I asked Johanna Rae (Owner of ONE Wellness) to be my mentor and she without hesitation said yes!

In January 2022 I started my Reiki and Meditation practice at ONE Wellness Center.

Each and every day I am so grateful for the opportunity to work out of the center and support people on their healing Journeys. Meeting people where they are and encouraging them to be the best versions of themselves Physically, Emotionally & Spiritually

I am passionate that we heal from the inside out. I have trained in modalities and offer these modalities in alignment with healing from the inside out. So as not to be attached to outside forces.

I do so in a loving, compassionate and non judgmental way.

Holistic Healing Modalities integrated with Medical Care is really an effective and beneficial way for your Wellness goals to be achieved.

When people say to me” You are a wonderful healer” My reply is thank you, I really am just an open vessel for the Divine to work through. You also have done your part. It's a team effort and accomplishment.

In the next writings, I will cover my offerings to you and how they can support your inner peace and wellness.

With Gratitude and Love


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