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Reiki with Pendulum Healing

  • 1 hour
  • 100 US dollars
  • Monroe Avenue

Service Description

Indulge in the soothing and transformative experience of a Reiki session coupled with the transformative power of Pendulum healing. As hands hover and are gently placed on your body, you'll feel a subtle yet powerful energy flow, promoting relaxation, balance, and healing on multiple levels. Reiki, a Japanese technique for stress reduction and energy healing, works to harmonize your body's energy centers, clearing blockages and restoring vitality. During your session, you'll be immersed in a tranquil atmosphere, allowing the universal life force energy to flow freely, rejuvenating your body, mind, and spirit. Surrender to the calming touch of Reiki and embrace a renewed sense of well-being and inner harmony. The pendulum is used as a tool to help transform the body, mind, and soul, from lower to higher states of health and well-being. When Pendulum healing is used in conjunction with Reiki, blockages may be released, which allows the Reiki to flow directly to where it is needed. If you wish to schedule a virtual healing session, please contact me to find a good time to meet.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please provide at least 24 hours of notice. Thank you.

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