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Meditation: Your foundation for healing physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually from the inside out

Updated: Apr 27

Merriam Webster's definition of meditation is: To engage in contemplation or reflection.

We all can meditate. If you say to yourself as I used to," I can't sit still long enough,I don't have time, " my mind is too busy","I don't know how". Then like me, you definitely need to meditate.

I started meditating in 2014 after being led to a Kriya Yoga Meditation Center here in Rochester NY, that also incorporates Mystical Christianity

Yes, I felt weird in the beginning sitting in my room in front of an altar I created with my eyes closed in silence. When I first began I could only sit for 5-10 min. Over time and daily practice, I began with ease meditating for longer periods.

I now meditate between one half to one hour once or twice per day. During special events, I meditate longer 2-5 hrs.

Over time I noticed subtle changes in me overall. I felt calmer generally, I experienced an unexplainable peace, and I now respond to life's challenges rather than reacting to them. I feel and experience the depth of God's ineffable Love.

Our souls are always connected to The Divine, we just forget, thru meditation I now remember and experience my soul's connection daily whether it is through intuition, people showing up in my life to help me with exactly what I need help with at the time,

when I am working with a client wow does that knowing and feeling the connection become so powerful.

A beautiful flower, the birds, etc...

Here are some science-based facts about the benefits of meditation in addition to reducing stress and anxiety.

• It’s a habitual practice of training your mind to focus and redirect your thoughts

• Promotes emotional health- reducing negative thoughts, improving depression

• Enhances self-awareness- helping you grow into your best self

• Lengthens attention span

• Improves sleep(who doesn't need this)

• Can decrease blood pressure

• Can help to control pain- our perception of pain is connected to our state of mind

• Can generate kindness- the more we connect to the Divine through meditation the more we experience God's unwavering love, we become more loving. We become a force of God's Love in the Universe.

This is where we begin to start healing from the inside out. We become aware of who we truly are(not the labels that we think define us. )But who we truly are at the Soul Level.

And.. meditation can be done anywhere, anytime. No special equipment is needed.

If you can breathe, you can meditate

I offer meditation in a variety of ways to assist you on your journey.

• 1:1 Meditation Sessions

• Monthly Group Meditation and Spirituality Classes

•Yoga Nidra with a Reiki Session ( Yoga Nidra is a form of guided meditation that promotes deep rest and peace when added to a Reiki session it allows space for a deeper healing experience)

• Group Reiki Infused Yoga Nidra sessions

• Periodic workshops that incorporate meditation into the day.

Please reach out through my website with any questions and or to start your meditation journey, that will transform your life and your well-being.

In Love and Gratitude,

Muktima 🧡

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