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How do we bring and maintain the Peace and Calmness from Meditation into our daily lives

So, you just finished your meditation and experienced such Peace, Calmness and Joy. Now you have to step into the world that is anything but calm and peaceful.

It's not always easy to maintain that peace and calm after meditation. After all we are only human.

Here I will suggest what has helped and worked for me. These are my suggestions you may implement any that feels right for you. These suggestions may give you ideas of how you can create your own inner world of peace,calm and joy that is right for you.

• When you begin to feel stressed and/or anxious. Stop, focus on your heart center and take a few deep cleansing breaths. Breathing deep in your nose and slowly out your mouth. You may wish to count your breathing like this: Breathe in deep to a count of 4, Breathe out to a count of 6. Breathing out a little bit longer brings about more Calmness and ease. The counting also takes your mind off what was triggering your stress or anxiety.

• During your lunch break at work spend half of that time meditating. Believe me that really got me through my days when working in a toxic & stressful environment

• Remember Environment trumps Willpower: Surround yourself with like minded people on a regular basis. Our friends and family may not get or understand the new you as you are embarking on this journey of internal wellness by changing how you are living: meditating, exploring your spirituality,etc.. They unknowingly may be fearful that as you change there won't be room for them. While you won't abandon family and current friends try to spend time on a regular basis with like minded souls . For example take a yoga class,search out a meditation group or class and participate there. Spend time in a Spiritual Center attending services, join in their fellowship etc.

• Be of service to others: volunteering at a homeless shelter,a community food cupboard, your place of worship,community clean up day. When we lovingly and unselfishly are of service to others we become more humble and grateful. Our hearts are naturally more open, we show up for ourselves and others in a more loving and compassionate way.

• Stop watching the news or at the very least limit how much and when you watch the News. ie.if you have to watch the news don't watch it in the morning or before sleep. In the morning you now carry all that negative energy with you throughout the day undoing any peace and calm from Meditation. Watching before bedtime will disrupt your sleep . Lack of proper sleep negatively impacts our health and our emotional wellbeing.

• Be mindful of the music you listen to on a regular basis: While I Love some really good rock music, from the 70's especially ,I rarely listen to it anymore. I listen to uplifting Spiritually based music. Examples are : At The Assisi Institute our wonderful Swami from Italy Swami Nirvanananda has many CD's ,also his music is on a streaming platform . He sings many Spiritual chants and songs.I would listen to him to and from work everyday to keep me in that higher vibrational place,which allowed me to show up in a more peaceful and calm way.

Other artist examples of this type of music are: Krishna Das,Deva Premal,Shantala,Karen Drucker,Shanti Shanti, Snatam Kaur. Just to name a few. Most of their music can be found on the streaming platform of your choice. Check them out.

Many streaming platforms have endless possibilities like frequency vibrational music,meditative music,spa type music. When you infuse your home ,vehicle etc.with this music you will notice a shift in yourself,family members,pets ( yes your pets are impacted by the music you play) Over time when people enter your home they will comment how peaceful it feels . Music has the ability to soothe or over stimulate our nervous system. You get to choose the impact you want on your nervous system and on those you love,including your pets.

Before I was living at Assisi when I would leave to attend the Kriya Service on Thursday evenings I would put the Deva Premal channel on my TV playing softly, so when I returned home from service I was walking into that same energy I just left. When my cat Chauncey was still on this earth he always responded to the peaceful,calming high vibrational music in positive ways. He would be so relaxed. The look of serenity in his eyes. He was not a cuddler by nature, but when that type of music was filling our home he would curl up next to me on the couch and purr until he fell asleep.

• Get out in nature as often as you can. Take your shoes off and walk barefoot in the grass connecting to Mother earth and grounding yourself. Nature is naturally healing. It brings about peace,clamness,tranquility,beauty.

• Journal- when we journal our thoughts ,feelings ,experiences etc, it brings us to that space within us. Connecting us to that peace and calm,especially if you journal after meditation.

• Spiritual Reading from true Guru's ,Saints High Vibrational Content etc. Examples are: Yogananda,Jesus,Anandamayi Ma, Jean-Pierre de Caussade, The Yamas and Nyamas,Books on Yoga and Ayurveda,Richard Rohr, Julian of Norwich, Rumi just to name a few.

• Be mindful of the food you eat: Choose Organic and NonGMO whenever and however you can. If you eat meat know where yor meat is coming from, Best to purchase from a local farmer where you can visit and check out their farming practices. How do they treat their animals? Animals that are raised for profit only are not treated lovingly or respectfully. Their diet is not in alignment with what is appropriate for them. They are unhealthy and fearful. You then ingest all that negative energy that the animal has been subjected to which negatively impacts your health,energetic flow,your peace and calm.Even your Spiritual Growth.

My prayer is that some of these suggestions and thoughts resonate with you, and will be able to implement them into your daily life with ease, or that they stimulate creativity within you to implement practices that resonate with you. Namaste

With Love,

Muktima 🧡

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